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  • We're hiring - Motorcycle Mechanic Job Dublin

    We're looking for a mechanic to join our workshop team in Dublin.
  • Life is to short for traffic!

     Whats's your time worth? 

    Beat Dublin's traffic today!

    Your best friend around Dublin city

    Ideal for inside the M50 commuting. Fully automatic and super easy to ride. Can even be drive on earlier car licences (AM category) Solight and easy to get through Dublin traffic.

    2018 Yamaha Neos 50

    • Weekly payment* €15.25 
    • Scooter cost €2,695
    • Tax* €49
    • Insurance From* €315

    For outside the M50 - this is the choice

    For longer commutes (Bray, Dunboyne, Celbridge etc) the N-Max is the perfect choice. Easily cruise at 100kph+ with the safety of ABS

    2018 Yamaha N-Max 125

    • Weekly payment* €20.80
    • Scooter cost €3,720
    • Tax* €67
    • Insurance From* €390

    Travel any distance in comfort

    The X-Max is the ultimate time saver that can travel anywhere. Cut through traffic or even head down the country - it can do it all with ease thanks to a 300cc engine, ABS, traction control and more.

    2018 Yamaha X-Max 300

    • Weekly payment* €39
    • Scooter cost €6,850
    • Tax* €88
    • Insurance From* € 450


    • Insurance cost is an estimate for a 35 year old male in Dublin. Obviously rates are subject to underwriters acceptance criteria and terms and conditions apply. For accurate insurance costs please contact Principal Insurance on 01-8161200


    2018 Yamaha Neos 50
    2018 Yamaha N-Max 125
    2018 Yamaha X-Max 300
    25-29 Learner€540.00€630.00€800.00
    25-29 Full€405.00€485.00€580.00
    30-70 Learner€420.00€505.00€615.00
    30-70 Full€315.00€390.00€450.00
    • Road tax estimated is accurate as of late 2017. 
    • Where weekly payment amounts are shown these were calculated using the Bank of Ireland Personal Loan online calculator over 4 years at 8.5% APR. This is for guideline purposes only. Payment amount will depend on the rate offered from the lender you use.For information on the driving licence application process please refer to 
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    Amazing special offer from Yamaha throughout January
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    We've recently received a bunch of very clean used bikes. This video walks you through them
  • 5 Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Theft in Ireland

    We’ve seen an alarming number of bikes getting stolen in Ireland in the last few months. So here's 5 ways to prevent motorcycle theft.
  • Yamaha Demo Ride Weekend - Saturday June 24th 2017

    We're running a Yamaha test weekend - where you can ride loads of different Yamaha bikes and scooters!
  • I'm sick of Dublin traffic - what bike can I get?

    I'm sick of Dublin traffic - what bike can I get?
  • Live Video: New R6 just landed in Megabikes

    The first new R6 in Ireland has just landed in Megabikes
  • Live Video: Laminated Motorcycle Jackets - what are they?

    To help explain what laminated motorcycle jackets are we ran a live video from the shop.
  • #megaday Rideout - Saturday 20th May 2017



    We had a few great ride-outs with customers last year so we're really looking forward to a few more in 2017!

    So, what’s the plan?

    We like these to be a casual few hours out, go at your own pace and and enjoy yourself.

    We'll stop for coffee and snack in Athboy or Trim on the way back.

    Who’s invited?

    Anyone - if you have a bike and you wanna get out of the house for a few hours - come on out.

    When and where?

    Saturday 20th May.

    Meet up at Megabikes between 9:00-9:30 - we'll have coffee on standby!

    We'll aim be on the road at 10ish and we should be back by 2pm.


    What’s the route?

    Link to the Google Map route

    • Megabikes
    • Maynooth
    • Kinnegad
    • Delvin
    • Athboy
    • Summerhill
    • Dunboyne
    • and back to Mega!

    What does it cost?

    NOTHING - just turn up and have a bit of craic. Get out of the house and enjoy your bike for the morning!
    There’s even a bunch of FREE goodie bags at the shop with t-shirts and other such goodies!
    Here's a link to the Facebook event - invite anyone you think might enjoy it!

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