Hi All,
As a mark of respect to the tragic loss of Neil Lyons, we are canceling the Megaday ride-out on March 26th.
RIP Neil #lyonsee
Regards, Derek.



While chatting recently we realised that we have loads of great customer and, other than bumping into some at races, we've never actually gone out to enjoy the bikes with them.

We plan to change that in 2016 and arrange a few ride outs from the shop - purely for fun and to get out enjoying two wheels!

So, What’s the plan?


meet up at Megabikes around 930,…...coffees will be drank,….pictures will be taken,…….someone will tell a story of a wheelie that nobody believes,…...we might talk about bikes for a bit……...


-oh and we’ll go out for a spin for a few hours - to blow off the winter cobwebs.


The plan is for a chilled out morning so set your own pace.


Who’s invited?


Anyone - if you have a bike and you wanna get out of the house for a few hours - get your ass into town on Saturday 26th March.


When and where?


Saturday 26th March.

We’ll kick off at the shop at 10am (probably arrive around 930ish) and should make it back to town around 2pm.


What’s the route?


We'll be stoping about half way.

  • Megabikes
  • Dunboyne
  • Summerhill
  • Athboy
  • N52 to Mullingar
  • Maynooth
  • and back to Mega!
March Motorcycle Rideout Route
We'll probably pick a stoping point/cafe about midway through the route.


What does it cost?


NOTHING - just turn up and have a bit of craic. Get out of the house and enjoy your bike for the morning!


There’s even a bunch of FREE goodie bags at the shop with t-shirts and other such goodies!


Here's a link to the Facebook event - invite anyone you think might enjoy it!