Tips for buying a used motorcycle in Ireland

You may have been following the steps to getting your motorcycle licence as we laid out in this article How to get your motorcycle license in Ireland. If you have just passed your IBT, no doubt you have now begun the search for your first motorcycle.

Here are some tips to follow when shopping for a used motorcycle.

  1. If possible try and get a service history to check maintenance was done accordingly. You can check the motorcycles history at
  2. Has the motorcycle been in any accidents?
  3. Has the used motorcycle you’re buying been modified in any way?
  4. Call insurance companies to see if you can actually get a policy on the bike you’re considering.
  5. Check wheel bearings by putting your hand on the back wheel and rocking back and forward
  6. Check for leaks at the forks
  7. Check for any obvious signs of wear
  8. Signs of oil leaking from the engine?
  9. It’s always better to see a bike starting from cold. Check to see if the engine is warm before starting it. If it's warm there’s a chance that the seller is hiding something like a hard start when it’s cold.
  10. Check the steering bearings by pulling the front brake and rocking back and forth and make a full range of movement with handlebars to make sure there’s no irregularities in the turning radius.
  11. Check the swing arm, nuts and bolts for rust or corrosion.

All the used motorbikes at Megabikes go through very thorough pre-sale checks by our qualified technicians.

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