Helite CO2 Canister 60cc

Helite CO2 Canister 60cc

Helite CO2 Canister 100cc

Helite CO2 Canister 100cc
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Helite Co2 Canister – Lanyard Activated ONLY

100CC Helite CO2 canister – a screw in device used for any mechanical lanyard fired Helite Airvest or Jacket only. 

When selecting your lanyard fired CO2 canister please make sure you have the correct size in order for it to be compatible with your airvest or jacket.
Please see the instruction manual supplied with the jacket or the instructional video for help in changing canisters

Important Information:
  • The canister must be screwed in tightly; under no circumstances should the screw thread be visible.
  • The canister should be stored and used in temperatures below 45ºC. Do not leave full canisters in the car in high temperatures.
  • The canister must be used at a temperature over 0ºC. If stored under 0ºC, warm up before use or replace with a warmer cartridge.
  • The CO2 canisters have a long life span but we do recommend a yearly check. The check consists of weighing your canister and making sure it is approximately (+/-3g) equivalent to the weight written on your canister. If rust or other corrosive marks appear in the outer surface of the canisters change them immediately and discard.
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