Shoei X-Spirit 3 Brink TC10

Shoei X-Spirit 3 Brink TC10

MT KRE SV Lookout (NEW 2018) Fluo Orange/Blue

MT KRE SV Lookout (NEW 2018) Fluo Orange/Blue

Shoei RYD White


Break free of the barriers created by your surrounding. Explore unexpected territories in your mind and in reality. Beauty may be just around the corner, far away or on the seat behind you. The RYD is your perfect companion to break free into unknown waters.

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Shell in AIM

  • Organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for a shock-absorbent shell with optimum rigidity

EPS-liner system with multiple densities

  • Optimized protection trough EPS elements with different shock absorbing levels

Mist-retardant CWR-1 Pinlock visor

  • Fast and easy to change


  • Easy to handle, always perfect adjusted

E.Q.R.S. Security system

  • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) for easy helmet removal in case of an accident Wearing comfort

4 different outer shell constructions

  • For perfect fit and compact dimensions 1) XXS-S, 2) M, 3) L, 4) XL-XXL

3D center pad, detachable, washable

  • For pleasant wearing comfort

Cheek pads detachable, washable

  • For better care and individual adjustment (31, 35, 39, 43 mm)

Chinstrap cover detachable, washable

  • Easy to maintain and clean

Ear pads

  • To reduce noise

Prepared for Intercom installation

  • Ventilation

Multiple venting and extraction

  • For optimum ventilation performance

3 Inlets on brow and chin

  • Fresh air supply guaranteed

2 Outlets at the rear

  • To exhaust warm air


Integrated spoiler

  • For optimised aerodynamical performance


14 visors (see page 58)

  • In different colors

Cheek pads

  • In different sizes for individual adjustment (31, 35, 39, 43 mm)

Centre pad

  • In different thicknesses

Breath Guard (see page 58)

  • Prevents fogging of the visor (Included)

Chin Curtain (see page 58)

  • Reduces turbulences inside the helmet (Included)

Original SHOEI helmet bag

  • Comes with the helmet
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