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MSX125 - A1 Licence


Experience supreme performance matched with confidence handling and a style that combines a sense of fun with urban edge.

The redesigned MSX125 (Mini-Street Xtreme 125) exudes a sharper, edgier look.


In 2013, the MSX125 (Mini Street X-Treme 125) was developed for a new generation of young riders. Returned for 2016, a thorough redesign gives the MSX125 an even sharper new attitude with an enhanced design that projects a streetfighter feel.  The MSX125 is part mini-bike part motorcycle featuring well-proven and efficient 125cc fuel-injected engine for consistent power delivery.

Colours: Matt Axis Grey Metallic, Pearl Himalyas White, Pearl Valentine Red, Lemon Ice Yellow

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Since 2013, our MSX Grom (Mini Street X-Treme) has been transport of choice for a whole new generation of young riders around the world. It’s easy to see why; individual looks, compact dimensions and full-sized motorcycle-specification, suspension and brakes. Add a peppy 125cc engine, and it’s the perfect partner for busy urban life. And now, there’s a new MSX Grom on the block, with extra power, an extra gear, and even more style.


The MSX Grom is a little bike that thinks big. Its new, 125cc engine makes more power and, thanks to PGM-FI fuel injection and EURO5 compliance, is clean and fuel efficient. An extra gear means you now have five speeds to choose from, making longer rides easy. Funkily refreshed (and easily-removed) bodywork is great as is – or ripe for customisation. And, just like its big brothers, the MSX Grom’s digital dash now has a rev-counter and gear position indicator.

MSX125, Funky fresh style

Funky fresh style

There’s a new-found sense of playfulness about the minimal bodywork, and distinct, contemporary individuality. And, led by owners’ desire to make their bike unique, the MSX Grom is designed around the concept of adaptability and easy customisation – all of the panels attach with just three bolts each, a detail highlighted in vivid fluorescent green.

MSX125, LCD digital dash and glimmering LED headlight

LCD digital dash and glimmering LED headlight

The sleek LED headlight carves out a unique light signature. Easy to read for its compact size, the LCD digital dash has been redesigned to include a rev-counter and gear position indicator, alongside the speedometer, twin trip meters, fuel gauge and clock.

MSX125, New engine with 5-speed gearbox

New engine with 5-speed gearbox

The new, 125cc air-cooled, two-valve engine packs a perfect blend of punchy roll-on performance with useful, all-round usability. It now makes 7.3kW peak power but, as always, is all about the fun of twisting a throttle. Another upgrade that riders will appreciate is a 5-speed gearbox, to spread the ratios further and top speed goes from 92km/h to 95km/h. Manual clutch operation imparts a full-sized motorcycle experience

MSX125, 12-inch cast aluminium wheels

12-inch cast aluminium wheels

Fundamental to form and function are the newly re-styled 5-spoke, 12-inch diameter cast aluminium wheels. Front 120/70-12 and rear 130/70-12 tyres also inject dynamic looks and performance; hydraulic two-piston front and single-piston rear brake calipers work 220mm and 190mm discs.

MSX125, High quality suspension

High quality suspension

The 31mm Up Side Down (USD) forks reduce unsprung weight and, thanks to the pistons’ greater pressure-bearing area (compared to standard telescopic forks) offer improved damping feel throughout the stroke. Both top and bottom yokes are full-sized, further enhancing handling and feel, while a lightweight and robust single rear shock operates a simple and tough, H-shape, steel box-section swingarm.

MSX125, Low seat height

Low seat height

This is a great bike for everybody. The MSX Grom’s low, 761mm seat height ensures it’s easy to ride and manage at low speed, while its small size make for an easy load – meaning it’s the paddock bike of choice for race teams (and motor home drivers) the world over.

MSX125, Sturdy chassis

Sturdy chassis

A steel mono-backbone frame ensures core strength, and also provides easy handling for new riders, plus an enjoyable ride for those more experienced. Its rigid, square-section tube joins the headstock directly to the swingarm pivot plates, and every other part in effect hangs visibly from the frame, building the minimalist look.

Tech Sheet

More Information
Licence Type A2
Model MSX125
Colours Available Black, Red, Yellow
mls/kms 0
CO2 Emissions (g/km) 34 (g/km)
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