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The new frontier in urban scooters

The Aprilia SXR 50 marks the beginning of a revolution among 50-cc scooters. It is the first urban scooter to combine the inimitable Aprilia personality with the latest technology and a level of comfort that is perfectly suited to a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Offering a safe and functional riding experience, incredible value for money, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, it is the ideal model for the youngest of riders.


Ergonomics and space for practical, comfy riding

Every element of the Aprilia SXR 50 has been designed with rider and passenger comfort in mind, from the spacious 850-mm seat to the raised handlebar that creates an improved riding position. Then, there’s the flat footboard with plenty of space for the rider’s feet, as well as the rear adjustable shock absorber, ensuring a smooth ride on any type of road.

Every detail under control

The LCD dashboard provides a host of vital information that is a breeze to access before, during and after any trip, including journey time, air temperature, tyre pressure and much more. The full LED lighting package ensures optimal visibility on busy roads, particularly at night.

The unmistakable Aprilia urban mobility touch

When you sit astride an Aprilia SXR 50, you know that you are in for a practical, functional riding experience, but that doesn’t come at the cost of style with features such as the double headlights and rear light combination that create a decidedly modern look. Larger than standard scooters, its dynamic silhouette and front shield leave you in no doubt that this is, at heart, a true Aprilia.

Hop aboard and prepare to take over the town

The Aprilia SXR 50 is the first small-cylinder urban scooter to boast the latest comfort features, fuel efficiency and the gritty Aprilia character. With its outstanding road grip, agility and incomparable value, this is the perfect model for young, entry-level riders. Dynamic and supremely functional, the Aprilia SXR 50 is destined to make its mark wherever it goes.

Just a few minutes riding the Aprilia SXR 50 will be enough to discover its incredible comfort levels, the result of reworked ergonomics, a new footrest, large seat, generous storage space and much more. This is no ordinary scooter, but the new frontier in small-cylinder urban scooters.


More Information
Licence Type A, A1, A2, AM
Model SXR50
Colours Available Black, Grey, Red, White