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Piaggio Liberty 125 S

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S is for Sports

Featuring a number of cosmetic changes to bring its sporty side, the Piaggio Liberty S 125 has gloss black wheels, matt black trim and a red shock absorber. It also features unique “S” branding.

Get Around Safely

The Piaggio Liberty 125 ABS is the perfect solution for those seeking that elusive combination of style, lightness, easy driving and safety. What sets it apart is its superior standards of maneuverability, agility and reliability together with its sound technological base, for example ABS braking and the three-valve, air cooled i-get (Italian Green Experience Technology) engine.

In short, outstanding performance, low consumption, minimal running costs, reduced noise and greater efficiency no matter what the conditions. But lets not forget the aesthetics and extra details. The Liberty 125 ABS is a true example of Made in Italy design and style with its large 14- and 16-inch wheels accenting the classic, elegant form. Then there are the additional elements such as the handy lockable glove box in the rear shield and the spacious underseat compartment able to hold a full-face helmet.

i-get Technology

The single cylinder of the i-get (Italian Green Experience Technology) engine which powers the Piaggio Liberty 125 ABS is an example of Piaggios advanced thinking when it comes to maximizing driving pleasure. You’ll experience reduced noise, supremely smooth running and not only lower fuel consumption but also a significant reduction in harmful emissions. New Throttle body with sensor integrated, step motor and ECU.
Double pre-cat convert.

Plenty of Useful Space

The Piaggio Liberty 125 ABS boasts plenty of storage, starting with the rear shield which hosts a lockable compartment in two sections, perfect for storing documents and other small everyday items. Lift up the seat, with a click of a button on the handlebar, and you’ll find a second storage space with plenty of room to hold a full-face helmet.

The Advantages of a High Wheel Scooter

The 16-inch front wheel of the Piaggio Liberty 125 ABS ensures stability and driving precision whatever the conditions whilst the 14-inch rear wheel with its large 100/80 tyre delivers the perfect compromise between grip and agility on the narrow. The ABS anti-lock system was developed by Piaggio together with Bosch, the worlds leading manufacturer of automotive components.

Everything Under Control

The Piaggio Liberty 125 ABS seamlessly mixes analogue and digital technology when it comes to the instrument cluster, with the classic speedometer sitting neatly alongside an LCD display activated by a button on the right of the handlebar. Its elegant blue lines show the fuel level and kilometres traveled (both total and trip) whilst thanks to the digital clock there is no need to fear you’ll be late for that important appointment.

More Information
Brand Piaggio
Licence Type A2
Model Liberty s 125
Colours Available Grey