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motorcycle workshop dublin

When is the motorcycle workshop in Dublin city center open?

We're open 6 days a week. Monday - Saturday, with a late night on Thursday until 8pm.

Where is the motorcycle workshop?

It's based at the main Megabikes shop. Click here for directions

How long will my motorcycle repair take to complete?

Obviously this answer depends on the job but, in general, we aim to get bikes turned around on the same day as arrival.

Most of our repairs are booked in advance, we have the correct parts on standby, and we aim to get it in and out on the same day.

What type of servicing and repairs can the Megabikes workshop do?

In general (with a few exceptions) we can work on most servicing and repairs needs that you will have.

Here's a few of the common tasks that we do every week:

  • general servicing
  • tyre fitting (with huge stock)
  • chain and sprocket installs
  • crash repairs
  • exhaust fitting
  • alarm installations
  • tracking device installations
  • accessory installation (luggage, hotgrips, etc)
  • scooter maintenance
  • and more

When can I drop my motorcycle into the workshop?

Typically most customers deliver their bike in the morning and we make every effort to get you back on the road later that day. As a result we try to have everyone booked in advance so we can get everyone sorted out on time (unless its an emergency).

My bike got damaged, can the Megabikes workshop help?

Yes, from motorcycle crash estimates, to dealing with insurance companies along to a full repair, we have all the right staff and machinery to get you sorted.

Are you booked out many days in advance?

In general we might be booked out 1-3 days in advance. But we will always try to make exceptions for people in an emergency or travelling.

We have 3 full time mechanics so it's rare that we are booked out further ahead than this.

How do I book into the workshop?

Either call 01-4784200 or fill in the booking form below.



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