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The Yamaha MT-10 is coming - May/June

I'm licking my lips.........Yamaha Ireland have just released the official pricing for the new MT-10 at €14,750.


Should I.......... Shouldn't I?


It'll be interesting to see it it has the comfort (relative!) to be a bike for riding long distance. The seat looks harsh from the pics but so hard to tell....


I'm unsure about the colour options but I'll leave it until I get to see them in the flesh. On screen the grey looks unusual but I'm assuming the computer isn't doing it justice. My bet is on the blue being the colour to have though.


As I type this, one thing I am fairly sure is - I'll most likely be rocking on my personal MT-09 Tracer and jumping onto one of these as soon as they land.


We'll have the first ones into Ireland. Follow the shop page on Facebook to get a notification to when it's landing in for display.


These are going to be in limited supply for 2016 so if you're interested in one get in touch with Rob or Ciaran in the shop.


2016_YAM_MT10_EU_DPBMCRB_STU_002_03 2016_YAM_MT10_EU_BNS4DSJ_DET_009 2016_YAM_MT10_EU_BNS4DSJ_DET_010 2016_YAM_MT10_EU_BNS4DSJ_DET_004 2016_YAM_MT10_EU_BNS4DSJ_DET_002 2016_YAM_MT10_EU_BNS4DSJ_DET_001 2016_YAM_MT10_EU_BNS4DSJ_STU_001_03


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