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The Yamaha WR250F gets more powerful and sharper for the new season with a whole range of the latest advanced technology from the Grand Prix-winning YZ250F motocross bike. Featuring a newly designed high-performance engine and a specially adapted aluminium chassis, the latest WR250F is built to play fast.

Play Fast.

A new YZ250F-type cylinder head with a wider intake port and new exhaust camshaft gives more rapid mid to top-end performance while retaining the WR250F’s strong low rpm torque – and a new lightweight aluminium beam frame from Yamaha’s motocross bike has been enduro-tuned to give the right balance of rigidity for more precise feel and accurate surface feedback over tough terrain.

And a lighter and more powerful front braking system gives you ultimate controllability – and special enduro features include a new multi-function meter and a revised exhaust and muffler design. The light-feeling clutch and 6-speed wide-ratio transmission are ready for the most extreme challenge – and with the Power Tuner smartphone app and a 2-mode engine map switch, the intelligent WR250F can be set up to master virtually any riding conditions.

At a glance

  • More powerful YZ250F-type engine
  • YZ250F-style aluminium beam frame
  • Smartphone engine tuning with Yamaha Power Tuner App
  • High performance YZ250F-type front brake
  • Industry-leading suspension
  • Compact new multi-function LCD display
  • Light and durable clutch
  • Wide-ratio 6-speed transmission
  • 2-mode engine map switch
  • Large 7,9 L fuel tank
  • Mass centralized design for light, agile handling
  • Dynamic Icon Blue colour


    The WR250F is built to shake up the world of enduro and change the way that you look at the 250cc 4-stroke class. Featuring the very latest motocross technology from Yamaha’s Grand Prix-winning YZ250F – and equipped with a range of enduro-specific features – it’s one of the most exciting bikes of the decade.

Colours Available - Icon Blue 


More powerful YZ250F-type engine

The latest WR250F comes with a more powerful, new high-tech engine that’s been developed from the Grand Prix winning YZ250F. Featuring a new cylinder head with a wider intake port for increased running efficiency – as well as a new exhaust camshaft and enduro-specific ECU settings – this motocross-based engine gives you much stronger mid to top-end performance while retaining the WR250F’s strong bottom end pulling power.

YZ250F-style aluminium beam frame

Manufactured using Yamaha’s unique CF die-casting process, the WR250F’s new frame comes straight from the winning YZ250F that’s been one of the most dominant bikes in Europe and the USA. This strong and lightweight aluminium beam frame features walls of different thickness, that give a specially-tuned balance of rigidity for the highest levels of feel and feedback.

Smartphone engine tuning

Using Yamaha’s Power Tuner smartphone app you can fine-tune the WR250F engine power character via the onboard wireless connectivity. This easy to use system lets you create your own preferred fuel injection and ignition timing settings to suit different track and weather conditions. And you can also view and share race logs, engine diagnostics, real-time monitoring and data back-up features.

High performance YZ250F-type front brake

Featuring a compact caliper with large diameter pistons – as well as special high friction pads giving a large contact area with the rotor – the WR250F’s powerful new 270mm front disc brake enables you to save valuable time in tight sections and gives you a high degree of controllability.

Industry-leading suspension

The WR250F is equipped with best-in-class KYB 43mm coil spring front forks with the speed sensitive damping system and features special enduro valving for agile steering and outstanding bump absorption at all speeds. And with a lightweight spring and high-capacity reservoir, the rear shock contributes towards the WR250F’s low weight and reaffirms its reputation as one of the best-handling enduro bikes.

Compact new multi-function display

The compact and newly designed multi-function display gives you all the information you need on the track or trail. The high-contrast LCD display includes an odometer, two tripmeters, clock and timer/stopwatch and low fuel warning light – and the fuel consumption indicator allows you to accurately plan your fuel stops.

Light and durable clutch

Enduro riding has got to be one of the most severe tests for any transmission, but with the WR250F’s durable clutch you’re equipped to handle the most extreme terrain. Equipped with special knurled friction plates, the tough clutch delivers a lightweight feel at the lever together with reliable and consistent performance throughout the day.

Wide-ratio 6-speed transmission

The latest generation engine is equipped with a specially-developed wide-ratio 6-speed transmission that makes the WR250F one of the most capable and versatile enduro bikes. From slow technical tracks through to high-speed riding, this slick-shifting gearbox enables you to achieve optimum performance.

2-mode engine map switch

When you’re riding all day long the track and weather conditions can change dramatically, and the WR250F’s 2-mode engine map switch allows you to alter the engine running character while riding. So whether it’s hardpack or deep mud, you can select the appropriate power mode.

Large 7,9 L fuel tank

With its front-facing intake system the WR250F is a very fuel-efficient bike, and for a long range between refills the latest model is fitted with a large capacity 7,9 L fuel tank. With much of the fuel carried close to the machine’s centre, this lightweight fuel tank and compact fuel pump help to centralize mass and keep the bike as slim as possible.

Mass centralized design

As well as giving improved intake efficiency the engine’s signature reversed cylinder head layout and rearward-slanted cylinder with wraparound exhaust header pipe help to centralize the bike’s mass. This contributes towards making the WR250F one of the most fast, agile and easy to handle dirt bikes.

Dynamic Icon Blue colour

With its slimline bodywork finished in a dynamic new Icon Blue finish and in-mould graphics, the latest generation WR250F looks and feels better than ever. Lightweight radiator shrouds enhance the bike’s strong racing heritage, and the colour coordinated blue front & side plates emphasize its aggressive good looks.


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