Where can I get Motorcycle Insurance in Ireland?


[CooL GuY] {{a2zRG}} Need motorcycle insurance in Ireland?


Where can I get motorcycle insurance in Ireland?
We get asked this all the time! So, we've decided to put together this list of all the available insurance companies (that we're aware of, accurate at June 2017)


Can I get a motorcycle insurance quote online?
It’s annoying but they typically don’t quote online so you’ll need to get on the phones. So prepare yourself for a good hour on the phone.


So, In alphabetical order here you go:
  1. Axa
  2. Carole Nash
  3. Liberty
  4. Principal




Please note - this is only the ones we know of - if you know of more let us know. Or, if you work for one of these insurers and want to add details about what you specialise in - get in touch.
Other notes to be aware of:
  1. Adelaide/Cornmarket Motorcycle Insurance
    • these guys are in the process of pulling out of the Irish motorcycle insurance market.
    • Here’s a statement from them if you need more info (here)
  2. AON Motorcycle Insurance
    • these guys no loner offer motorcycle insurance in Ireland