Bike Tech Crash Protectors

Bike Tech Crash Protectors

R and G Crash Protection Mushrooms

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These are our staff favourite motoycycle crash protector. They're been around for years, made in the UK, and just offer exceptional protection. The crash protectors (or mushrooms to many!) are made in either the traditional round shape or the newer 'Aero' shape. The 'Aero' is like a teardrop shape. Where it's available it will be stated in the product options.

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For most bikes these require no drilling of the fairings. In some cases it's unavoidable and it is stated in the product option if it needs fairing modification. As it happens, it's actually really easy to fir these but you will need a basic hole saw. The fitting instructions will explain everything you need to know.Separate replacement bungs are available if you need but you will need to contact the Alllmoto office to arrange these. If for any reason you can't find your bike just let us know and we'll find out if it's available