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Yamaha Moro 07 E-Bike

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Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike

Yamaha Wabush RT E-Bike

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Wabash RT is a new kind of eBike that gives you excellent performance on the tarmac together with the ability to escape from the city and explore new countryside trails. And with its sophisticated rider-assist electronics, sleek good looks and advanced Yamaha technology, this new gravel bike offers one of the best price/performance packages in its class.

Escape and explore.

Everything about this quality eBike is designed to ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of every journey. The beautifully styled frame features new school geometry that gives a confident and comfortable ride with lightweight handling on the tarmac and gravel. And the dropper post gives between 40mm - 60mm* of suspension for added comfort on the trail. *40mm small frame, 60mm medium and large frames

Producing 70Nm of torque, the ultra-quiet Yamaha PW-ST drive unit is equipped with sophisticated technology that provides the appropriate level of assistance to give you a totally natural ride. Zero cadence technology provides instant power as soon as you start to pedal – and the Display A interface provides easy to understand information.

At a glance

  • Style with versatility
  • Ergonomics and geometry for gravel riding
  • Yamaha PWseries-ST drive unit
  • Adjustable dropper post
  • Display A interface
  • Automatic Support mode
  • Zero Cadence technology
  • Three sizes, one colour

Wabash RT

You may be surprised to discover that Yamaha developed the world’s first production eBike 30 years ago. In fact, Yamaha has been building eBikes for the Japanese market for the last three decades – as well as supplying the eKits that drive many of the eBikes sold in Europe. And the new Wabash RT gravel bike is the start of an exciting new electric future for the company.

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Brand Yamaha
Model Wabush RT
Colours Available White