Yamaha are on a roll recently - they have just confirmed that the Yamaha Tracer 700 is on the way to us.


They have taken the best selling MT-07 and given it the Tracer treatment, just as they did with the MT-09 model last year.

The UK price has been released at £6299 so we suspect that the Irish price will be €8950 (allowing for the extra vehicle registration tax costs in Ireland). This price has not been confirmed just yet.

Same 75hp, twin cylinder engine but the Tracer 700 is longer than the original MT-07. Overall length is 1450mm (50mm longer). Really that is designed to better accommodate a pillion and luggage.

And get this - it's only 196kg!

It seems that every new bike they're releasing is exactly what the people on the street are looking for.

We expect these to completely sell out, just like the 900 model did last year. We should also have indicative dates shortly.

If you are interested in one please get in touch with Rob or Ciaran in the shop.  Contact them here or email rob@megabikes.ie and ciaran@megabikes.ie


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t4 t3 t2I'm not sure where they were going with the video they've released! Is the Tracer causing the arguments with herself.....or settling them?